Your Stories of FutureChurch for Our 25th Anniversary Celebration!

From Ruthann Fox-Hines:

I am a cradle Catholic living in the super conservative South (South and North Carolina) feeling isolated in my Liberal Catholicism. For decades I have experienced periodic crises of conscience as far as remaining an active member of the Roman Catholic Church.  Each time, a true Vatican II priest has pointed me in the direction of such organizations as Call to Action and such publications as National Catholic Reporter.  I now support many such organizations and because of them I am still continuing my struggle to stay and not run screaming from the top-down ruling, disrespectful of women (despite all the pious baloney about how wonderful woman from the male perspective) guys in lace trimmed dresses who set themselves apart as above the rest of us(especially women)  members of the Body of Christ.  Future Church is one of the more recent organizations I have joined and I was very pleased with my experience a couple of years ago on one of the pilgrimages to Rome and Ostia.  

Thank you and Congratulations to Future Church for 25 Years of Service!  

Ruthann Fox-Hines, PHD, 
Licensed Counseling Psychologist
Life Coach and author of
HEALING THE WOUND: Recovering from Loss