Women in Church Leadership
Women Survey Quotes

Women’s Leadership Survey
Quotes from Respondents

The only reason I still practice is because of my parish which is not clerically centered and addresses gender/power/language issues with openness & action.
Spokane, WA

Thank you for the work you are doing.  Equality of women in the Church is just as important as the Civil Rights fight for justice in this country.  Jesus did not discriminate.  Why should the hierarchy?
Lymbrook, NY

I am grateful for your efforts to advocate for women in the Church.  An institution run by men cannot begin to address the needs of woman.  We are invisible.
Broomfield, MI

Thank you for all you do & “just being”. You & like organizations are keeping me sane when I have been close to giving up on the Church altogether. God bless you & all of us.
Spokane, WA

I was able to return to a parish only after finding others who were aware of the need for change, and those who were actively working for change within the Church.
Hamburg, NY

I have considered leaving the Church because I feel it is not progressive and does not reflect the loving, just eyes of Christ.
San Francisco, CA

I encourage young feminist women to remain in the church, if they can, to accelerate the needed reforms and provide hope and a firm basis for the future.  WE ARE THE CHURCH!  We draw strength from each other’s presence.
Willmar, MN