Women in Church Leadership
Advancing Women in Church Leadership

Dialogue and Resource Packet

We believe that we must work with institutional Catholicism where it is, even while we call for change. For us, this means continuing to advocate for opening the possibility of ordination to all who experience a priestly call, regardless of gender or state in life. It also means calling for expanded leadership roles for women in our Church right now, short of ordination.

We hope this dialogue will lead us, and our Bishops, to a new moment of listening both to the signs of the time, and to women witnesses whose voices, like Mary of Magdala's, have too long been silenced.

Articles and Reprints

Anonymous Women essay and prayer

Karen Flotte
Benchmarks for Church Leadership Roles for Women   Leadership Conference of Women Religious
Catholic Women Deacons   Phyllis Zagano
Feminist Christology from Consider Jesus: Waves of Renewal in The Catholic Church   Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ
God's Dominion Free Order: Women and Children   Walter Wink from Engaging the Powers
Heart of Flesh: A Feminist Spirituality for Women and Men   Joan Chittister, OSB
Lay preaching: A Hearing Aid  Patricia Hughes Baumer, Partners in Preaching
Understanding the Ministry and Experience: Parish Life Coordinators in the United States   Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, Georgetown University
Women in the Bible and the Lectionary  Ruth Fox, OSB
Women Officeholders in the Early Church   Christine Schenk, csj


Catholic Women Who Changed the World Barbara Ballenger
Mary of Magdala Christine Schenk, csj
Jesus & Women Christine Schenk, csj
Lay Ecclesial Ministers in the Catholic Church Christine Schenk, csj
The Women in Paul's Ministry Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ

Other materials

Can Lay Ministers Exercise the Power of Governance? United States Catholic Conference of Bishops
FutureChurch's Women's Leadership Survey FutureChurch
Our Foremothers in Faith: Women in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures M.T. Winter MMS et al
A Parish Life Coordinator's Story Carol Karnitsky, sscm
Quotations from Church Teaching about Women in the Church FutureChurch
Some Highlights of the Document Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord ed. by Mary Collingwood
Status of Women in the Roman Catholic Church: A Report Card Regina Bannan Women's Justice Coalition
Women Deacons, Why Now? Christine Schenk, csj

Organizing Materials

Tips on Advancing Women in Church Leadership FutureChurch
Lydia's House: An Example of Doing Women's Spirituality in Community Patricia Ferguson
Scripture Readings that Subordinate Women Liturgy Office, United States Catholic Conference of Bishops
Bibliography and resources FutureChurch Women In Church LeadershipAdvisory Committee