Women in Church Leadership
Women and the Word
What would you say to church leaders

What we would say to Church leaders:

1. How can we together solve the problem of women being excluded so we can validate the gifts of all the laity?
2. Invite the clergy to be lifelong learners to listen to people’s stories…saying could you listen more and talk less?
3. Instead of closing churches: you could be opening doors to married priests, women priests and women deacons.

The kinds of things participants wanted to say to Church leaders   fell into several broad categories.  These are listed below.

  • Working  collaboratively and charitably in various setting
  • The need for all types of education at all levels
  • Promoting ways in which everyone should be respected in the Church
  • Need for greater openness
  • Looking at what they are afraid of or threatened by
  • Call for the use of inclusive language
  • Call for specific structural changes at all levels of the Church
  • The need to apply social justice teachings within Church structures
  • The need to listen to the stories of women