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Women and the Word Resources for Educators

Women and the Word Resources for Educators

An important component of our Women and the Word project is outreach to Catholic educators to help retrieve the memory of biblical and historical female leadership in the Church. FutureChurch has assembled a specially prepared packet of materials for our members and supporters to give to Catholic high school teachers. The resource includes sample essays, prayer services and worksheets about notable women such as Prisca, Phoebe, Dorothy Day and Mary of Magdala, who are also prominently featured in our Celebrating Women Witnesses packets.

A professional educator helped us develop worksheets with creative activities geared to high school students. All materials are ready for classroom use. One historic woman of faith can easily be covered in a class period. These materials are perfect for feast days, Lenten programming, and dedicated months such as African- American history month, women's history month, etc. One FutureChurch member and educator gives the essays and worksheets to substitute teachers to use on days he is absent.

Seven of the essays, prayer services and worksheets have been translated into Spanish and are perfect for higher levels of Spanish education.

Please consider requesting a sample packet from FutureChurch and presenting it to your local high school religion and Spanish teachers. They will be happy to have a ready-to- use resource and all of us will be happy that future generations of our Church will know about these remarkable women!

Request a Sample Packet

Yes! I would like to receive a free sample packet for Catholic high school teachers.

 Please send an email to Liz at Future Church with the Subject Line: Women and the Word Resources for Educators: Request Sample Packet