Women in Church Leadership
Women and the Word
Next Steps of How You Can Get Involved

There is still much to do! With your help we will continue to “put women back in the biblical picture” through the Women and the Word campaign.

Here are some concrete action steps you can take in your parish, faith community and/or diocese:

1.  Send a postcard to Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments and cc’ing the Synod Council members. Request that Synod Proposition 16 be fulfilled through a reexamination of the Lectionary and that women biblical leaders also be included. Send your postcard now!

2.  Reach out to your local high school religion teacher to encourage education about women leaders in the Bible and church history. Learn about this project and to request free sample materials.

3.  Sponsor an educational program or prayer service in your parish or small faith community about women in the ministry of Paul (download free resources). in celebration of the Synod on the Word and the Year of St. Paul).

4.  Give Ruth Fox’s article Women in the Bible and Lectionary and Dr. Regina Boisclair, PhD's article Amnesia in the Lectionary to your pastor. Discuss the suggestions in the articles for incorporating the hidden women of the lectionary into your parish life and liturgy.

5.  Ask your diocesan liturgy and/or religious education office to host a diocesan-wide educational program on the women in the ministry of St. Paul. You can send our sample letter. We also offer resources about Women Leaders in the Ministry of Paul and Suggestions for How to Educate About Women Leaders in the Ministry of Paul.

6.  Start planning for Lent and Holy Week. Order the Women and the Word Holy Week packet. The packet contains tested prayer resources to put women like Mary of Magdala, the anointing women and the women from Galilee who stayed with Jesus through crucifixion to resurrection “back in the biblical picture.”

7.  Order our new comprehensive Advancing Women in Church Leadership or our Celebrating Women Witnesses packets. Use them for prayer and educational programs in your parish or small faith community.

8.  Begin a Woman and the Word column in your parish bulletin to educate about Jesus’ and St. Paul’s inclusive practice using FutureChurch resources such as Women in the Ministry of Paul by Dr. Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ, available in the Advancing Women in Church Leadership packet.

9.  Plan a Mary of Magdala Celebration in your community to highlight the “Apostle to the Apostles,” women leaders in the early church, the women in the ministry of St. Paul, and the hidden women of the lectionary.

10.  Join our Magdala-Women in Church Leadership email list to receive 1-2 emails per month containing breaking news about women's issues in the Church, as well as where to obtain new resources to educate about Jesus inclusive practice, free Mary of Magdala prayer services, and other creative tools to advance women's leadership in the Catholic Church.