Women in Church Leadership
Women and the Word
Historical Outcomes of Synod Work in 2008

Here are the historic outcomes of our synod work:

  • Twenty-five women were invited to participate, the most women to ever attend any Catholic synod. Six female “experts,” and 19 female auditors provided female perspectives to this historic gathering that universally affirmed Dei Verbum, the Vatican II document on the Bible.
  • For the first time in history, Catholic bishops meeting in a synod discussed the need to restore women’s stories to the lectionary. Surprisingly, Proposition 16 recommended “that an examination of the Roman lectionary be opened to see if the actual selection and ordering of the reading are truly adequate to the mission of the Church in this historic moment.”
  • Synod proposition 17 “recognized and encouraged” the ministry of women of the Word affirming the work of women “delegates of the Word” who are leading base communities all over the developing world.
  • Sr. Chris Schenk met, or communicated personally via telephone and email, with six synod bishop-delegates, including Ireland’s Cardinal Sean Brady. She also met three female synod “experts,” who thanked us for making their synod presence possible. She gave substantive interviews to John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter, Vatican Radio, Robert Mickens of The Tablet, Religion News Service and Spanish and Italian print media.