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Women and the Word

Put Women Back in the Biblical Picture!mary and martha

Overview of the Project

FutureChurch’s Women and the Word project is designed to raise awareness about the invisibility of biblical women in our lectionary, worship and Catholic formation and about the exclusion of women in Church preaching and scripture proclamation.

The project began in 2006 as a campaign directed towards the October 2008 World Synod of Bishops with the theme "The Word of God in the Life and Mission of the Church.” Foundational to project is the groundbreaking work of Sr. Ruth Fox OSB whose fascinating 1996 article Women in the Bible and Lectionary published in Liturgy 90 found a disproportionate number of passages about women had been deleted from the lectionary, a book of biblical passages carefully chosen for church proclamation.

The synod is now over, but the work to continues to restore our women biblical leaders and to add the voice of women to preaching, reflection and Church scholarship.

Thanks to people like you, our Women and the Word project to put women back in the biblical picture has enjoyed great success. With your help, we are keeping Jesus’ promise to remember stories of women of the Word like the anointing woman in Matthew, whom Jesus praised for her generous and prophetic act of love.