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Our Lady of Guadalupe Print Resource Packet - Mary of Nazareth Reimagined Series

The first in our Mary of Nazareth Reimaged Series, Our Lady of Guadalupe Resource Packet (full color print) offers educational and prayer resources to help you learn and pray with an empowering image of Mary - Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Click here to purchase the downloadable version of this resource instead. 

Resources include:

  • Mary Through History -- An easy-to-read examination of Marian thought and art from the Early Church through Today
  • Outline and Discussion Questions to host your own four-session series on Mary of Nazareth
  • CD-ROM with Podcast Discussion "Will the Real Mary Please Stand Up?" with Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ and PowerPoint Presentation on the imagery Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Articles examining the history, tradition, art, and symbolism of Our Lady of Guadalupe
  • Prayer Service Celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe  
  • Ideas for celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe in your community

This project has been partially funded by the Congregation of St. Joseph Generous Promise Grant Fund. 

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