Mary as God's Partner in Salvation History: The Feast of the Annunciation Download

Explore the empowered Mary who partnered with God to bring forth a new era in God's plan for the salvation of humankind and all creation, as well as her potential as a bridge to peace when religious fundamentalism breeds distrust and division.

God's Partner in Salvation

We haven’t made enough of Mary’s question, "How can this be?".   She was only engaged, not married.  She questioned the angel, this authority from God -- a trait she would pass on to her Son.  And when reassured by the angel, she responded, "I am the Lord's servant," an answer that echoes the response of Abraham, David and others who chose to follow God.

Far from being a passive acquiencsce, Mary's answer reflects her agency, power and partnership with God.

Mary as a Bridge to Peace

Muslims revere Mary and honor the Annunciation as a pivotal event.  Far from being a minor figure in the foundational book of the Muslim world, Mary is the only woman whose name is cited—nearly four times as often as it is in the New Testament.  Jesus is called “the son of Mary,” and an entire sura, or chapter, (19) of the Qur’an is named for her. This packet opens new windows by which to view Mary, both in Christianity and in Islam.

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