Women in Church Leadership
Re-imagining Mary of Nazareth for today

Mary, with her varied images and titles, has long been used to uphold a patriarchal value system which has eclipsed women’s full expression and gifts in the Church. 

Using art, prayer, poetry, story-telling, celebration and education these new resources from FutureChurch retrieve Mary’s historical memory and artfully reconstruct a portrait of Miriam of Nazareth that restores her prophetic and liberating genius for all women and men. 


World-renowned feminist scholars from diverse cultural backgrounds have developed the theological and spiritual foundations for re-imaging Mary for today. 

FutureChurch makes their ground-breaking research and timely insight easily accessible in these essays, articles, and educational resources. 


By retrieving Mary’s historical memory and her prophetic, liberating witness these resources free all Catholics to see anew the leadership and ministerial potential of all women. 

At the same time, by examining Mary through a variety cultural lenses, these materials provide opportunities for Catholics to engage in cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue and worship. 


Learn about & pray with the empowering image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Resources include: an in-depth analysis of the symbolism of the Our Lady of Guadalupe image, prayer service, reflections on the readings of the day, and options for engaging in cross-cultural conversation and celebration. $25 print; $20 download.


(art by Esmond Lyons)

Learn about the devotion to Mary shared by Muslims and Christians and how this Feast Day serves as a starting point for Christian-Muslim dialogue. Resources include: essays on the Annunciation and Mary in the Qur’an & Islam, an analysis of an image of the Annunciation which may very well be the earliest reliably dated image of Mary, and an inter-faith prayer service.  $25 print; $20 download.