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Mary of Magdala
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Mary Magdalene by the Dancing Word
Written and Performed by Betsey Beckman
Available through The Dancing Word

Ancient Evidence: The Real Mary Magdalene
Discovery Channel (2003)
Available through Amazon.com as part of the “Ancient Evidence” series, for $26.95.

Mary Magdalene: The Hidden Apostle
"Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute. Rather, she was a woman of wealth whose financial support was crucial to the early survival of Christianity. But, as BIOGRAPHY® reveals, the special relationship she had with Christ led to resentment among the other disciples, and her reputation was tarnished as a result. Drawing on ancient texts, rare art and the research of top scholars at Harvard, Yale, Catholic University and the University of Wisconsin, this far-reaching portrait compares the evidence we have with the stories we have heard--and tries to reconcile them." $22.49 from Amazon.com

Intimate Portrait: Mary Magdalen
from Lifetime TV features Archbishop Rembert Weakland.  "Mary Magdalen, who came from a village near the Sea of Galilee, is cited in four biblical references (found in Luke, Mark, Matthew and John). In 'Intimate Portrait: Mary Magdalen,' this woman's changing image will become a lens through which we will discover the values and morals of each age that has interpreted her. The one-hour documentary will also emphasize today's attitude by the Catholic church toward the ordination of women and other relevant issues."$15.99 from Amazon.com