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Women Witnesses of Mercy: Celebrating the Extraordinary Witness of Women during the Year of Mercy

Celebrate Women Witnesses of Mercy with DOWNLOADS from FutureChurch!

Each month of the Year of Mercy, FutureChurch profiled a witness of mercy and her work. Each DOWNLOAD contains resources perfect for individuals, classrooms, faith sharing groups, social justice groups, and faith communities of all sizes:

  • The inspirational story of each women and her witness
  • A digital image of a new icon of each woman by artist, Marcy Hall
  • Educational resources with connections to scripture and Catholic social teaching and questions for group discussion
  • Options for praying individually or with a group
  • Ways to become a Witness of Mercy


Use the links below to purchase downloads. Each download is just $12.  

*Please note that these resources are for download. 

To download resources by month click on the links below:

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