Synod 2023 Sessions

The 2023 Synod on Communion, Participation, and Mission may be the most important world wide discernment process since Vatican II.  It will certainly include a broader constituency of Catholics in the preparatory stages than ever before.

And because of new innovations in the process, Pope Francis has made it clear that he wants to hear from all Catholics who enter into the process in good faith.  Thus, even in cases where bishops are ignoring or diminishing the potential for the synodal journey, Catholics are encouraged to gather in other ways and let our leaders know what we see, hear, experience, and hope for as Catholics.  The goal is to discern the future of the Church with lay and ordained Catholics, no matter what their relationship to a parish.  

This is an important time for all Catholics and a critical time to invest our energies in discerning the future together.  FutureChurch will do our part to make sure the voices of all Catholics are heard during this next two years in the lead up to the 2023 Synod in Rome.  

Thus, we will hold a series of 1 hour sessions on the six Wednesdays of Lent focusing on a different topic each session. As we discuss and discern together, we will ask each participant to complete a survey that allows each person to convey their most cogent ideas for our final report.  After the sessions are completed, we will compile the final report between Easter and Pentecost and send that report off to Rome (copying our bishops and the papal nuncio) in the Spirit of Pentecost.

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The topics to be discussed are as follows:


  • The closing of parishes and the diminishing participation in the Eucharist
  • A changing face of priestly ministry - married priests and women priests 


  • Women as full participants in the life, ministry, and governance of the Church
  • Laity as leaders and ministers in guiding the future of the Church


  • Racial justice in the Church and in the world
  • Culture wars, politics, and the Gospel priorities

We will conduct two sessions each Wednesday during Lent to be as inclusive as possible of our international partners

  • 12 noon EST
  • 7pm EST 

 Each session will include:

  • Prayer/song
  • Scripture
  • Short presentation on the issue
  • Breakout sessions
  • Participant completion of survey form

Between Easter and Pentecost we will compile the final report

On Pentecost we send off our discernment in the Spirit of Pentecost 

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