Save Our Parish Community
Save Our Parish Community

Save Our Parish Community was inspired by the canonically incorrect suppression of parishes in Boston, Toledo and several other dioceses.  Dioceses were appropriating assets from closed parishes rather than transferring them with parishioners to their new parish home.

Thankfully, not every diocese is employing the same procedures as Boston andToledo.  However, enough were wrongly invoking the "suppression" canons that it prompted a letter from the Vatican's Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos cautioning U.S. Bishops that this was inappropriate and needed to stop. 

In 2003 national study of all U.S. dioceses, the Conference for Pastoral Planning and Council Development found that up to 40% of merged parishes lost parishioners.  The same study showed that parishes with parish directors were more likely to increase parishioners.

It is clear that there is a great need to begin discussion of best ways for preserving vital parishes until such time that the Vatican finally accepts the need to open ordination to all those called to it.

Since we will be dealing with the priest shortage for some years to come, it is vitally important to begin the process of transitioning to the use of parish life coordinators to administer parishes rather than close them because of the priest shortage.

If your diocese is currently restructuring we have several free resources available for download:

Our resources provide everything you need for your small faith community or parish leadership to begin discussing proactive strategies for preserving parishes in your own diocese.

It also provides extensive information about claiming parish rights and resisting unjust closures in the hopefully unlikely event that the diocese decides to close yoru vital, solvent parish without your consent. 

If you are in need of a Canon Lawer or support during discernment please contact us.