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Contact Information for Independent Canon Lawyers

Contact Information for Independent Canon Lawyers

Sr. Kate Kuenstler, PHJC, JCD

I am a Poor Handmaid of Jesus Christ.  I am happy to be a woman religious. I am in good standing in my community and they support my work. I have been a member for 37 years.

Doctorate in Canon Law from Angelicum Rome 1995
Licentiate in Canon Law from the Angelicum Rome 1993
MA Religious Studies Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI

I have been director for religious education in two diocesan offices of catholic education and have a strong background in catechesis.

For the past 11 years I have been a judge for the marriage tribunal.

I have begun private practice in canon law this year.

I am now an advocate for the laity, give presentations about the rights of the christian faithful in the church as opening keynote for synods of the laity, am canonical council for individuals, associations, and parishes that have experienced injustice by a bishop, and give conferences to women religious on revitalization of religious life.

Kate Kuenstler, PHJC, JCD
11 Makin St
Pawtucket, RI 02861
618 578 9995 cell
401 475 0765

 Canon Law
 Mission Canon Law Professionals is a group of experienced lay, religious, and clergy canon lawyers of varied educational and practical backgrounds collaborating to satisfy the many canonical needs of today’s Church and providing a full range of professional canonical services to dioceses, religious communities, individuals, and institutions in the Catholic Church, always keeping in mind that “the salvation of souls is always the supreme law in the Church.”
Clientele Canon Law Professionals serves all members of the Catholic Church and all organizations associated with the Catholic Church. We provide a depth of expertise which some dioceses, religious communities, and religious institutions  may not readily possess. We supplement the needs of dioceses and religious communities when concerns call for unbiased assistance. We aid dioceses and parishes with planning and conflict resolution. We work with all individuals who have concerns, need assistance, seek information, or demand recourse in Catholic Church law.

Thomas A Moran, JCD 
Thomas A. Moran obtained his professional license to practice Canon Law in 1986.  He earned a Doctorate in Canon Law at the Catholic University of America in 1988.  He served as a Canon Lawyer and Judge at the Diocese of Cleveland for over a decade.  Presently hes is an Adjunct Professor of Canon Law at Case Western Reserve Univesity School of Law and Cleveland Marshall College of Law. His phone number 440.225.4614

St. Joseph Foundation
“Serves Catholics who seek to know and vindicate their rights within the Church - rights that the Church herself recognizes and protects. Whenever individuals or groups believe their rights are threatened or have been violated, the Foundation assists them in using the means established by the Church to obtain remedies.” The St. Joseph Foundation consists of lay people who are canon lawyers.  (this group will work at reduced rates for people with limited resources)