Save Our Parish Community
Pfarrer Initiative: Working to Keep Parishes Open



In the last few weeks the Pfarrer-Initiative has been developing a support system a for parishes who do not want to merge with other parishes, but wish to continue their existence as an independent parish community.  The organization has begun preparing for their first meeting on January 16 and 17, 2015.   Schüller notes that more and more Catholics are becoming aware that they must be responsible for the future of their parishes.  To support them, the Austrian priests provide them with materials and information on how to lead a parish without priests. They also assist them in developing a mission statement for their parish communities. 

During a recent teleconference meeting, Schüller said, “The future of parish communities is a very key issue, but Catholics are already doing a lot to create a future for the Church.  What we n

eed to do is to make sure what they are doing is visible.”

To read (in German) the invitation andgo to and see the resources in under our Save Our Parish Community initiative.