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Catholics Call on Bishop Thomas Paprocki to Rescind His Harmful Decree
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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Catholics Urge Bishop Thomas Paprocki to Rescind His Latest Decree

FutureChurch strongly urges Bishop Thomas Paprocki to rescind his harmful decree barring lesbian and gay couples in civil marriages from communion and Catholic funerals and calls on him to follow Pope Francis’s lead in becoming more loving, accepting, and welcoming members of the Body of Christ.

“Bishop Paprocki’s decree stands in direct opposition to Pope Francis’ pastoral spirit, deeds, and words,” said Deborah Rose-Milavec, Executive Director of FutureChurch.  “His harsh tactics defy the Gospel and deny the God’s own people the love, care, and acceptance that we are called to offer one another.”

“Rather than build up the Body of Christ, I’m afraid this decree will only serve to further alienate LGBTQI Catholics, their families, and those who love them, leaving deep and lasting wounds,” said Russ Petrus, Program Director for FutureChurch. “This decree is not representative of the kind of inclusive and pastoral Church that Pope Francis, many bishops, and so many lay Catholics across the world are working together to build.”

FutureChurch supports LGBTQI Catholics and the Catholic parents, family and friends of LGBTQI Catholics and ask those who disagree with the bishop’s decree to respond honestly and respectfully by contacting him.  Bishop Paprocki’s contact information is below.

Bishop Thomas Paprocki

Catholic Pastoral Center

1615 West Washington Street

Springfield, Illinois 62702-4757

Phone: (217) 698-8500




About FutureChurch Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, FutureChurch seeks changes that will provide all Roman Catholics the opportunity to participate fully in Church life and leadership. It is a national coalition of parish centered Catholics striving to educate fellow Catholics about the seriousness of the priest shortage, the centrality of the Eucharist (the Mass), and the systemic inequality of women in the Catholic Church. FutureChurch is a nonprofit organization that makes presentations throughout the country, distributes education, advocacy and prayer resources and recruits activists who work on behalf of its mission.