Cry Out With A Million Voices: Gospel Nonviolence for the Life of the Church
Friday, January 20, 2012
1 hour, 9 minutes
47.5 MB
Sr. Chris Schenk CSJ

If you are wondering what to do when a new pastor dismantles effective parish programs, when a beloved pastoral minister is dismissed for believing in women's equality or when your vibrant parish is threatened with closure against your will, this workshop is for you. Sr. Chris Schenk will share spirituality and strategies for discerning a response to common abuses of authority in the US church.

Sr. Chris Schenk CSJ is the Executive Director of FutureChurch. She has Master's degrees in midwifery and theology and, with the able assistance of FutureChurch staffers, developed and administers four national dialogue projects - Women in Church Leadership, The Future of Priestly Ministry, Celebrating Women Witnesses and the Save Our Parish Community project. In 2007 and 2008 Schenk, coordinated an international effort to put women back in the biblical picture" at the Synod on the Word.


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