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Sisters Give Own Views on Visitation

Women leaders of U.S. Sisters recently released early results of a study designed to garner feedback about their experience of the Vatican’s 2009 Apostolic Visitation.  “I think as a group, we had a really deep desire to enable women religious to speak in their own voice collectively,” said St. Joseph of Carondelet Sr. Jean Wincek.

A question toward the end of the survey asked the communities what they would highlight if they were to write the story of the experience. For Congregation of St. Joseph Sr. Nancy Conway, the powerful message was how many times communities answered with their hope that the story would talk about their fidelity to their mission and integrity in their religious identity. “It’s not a story about who [has done] us wrong. It’s a story of who we really are. That’s what we wanted to get out there.”

The group plans to publish a book about the report, “The Apostolic Visitation as Experienced by U.S. Women Religious.”  The fourth and final phase of the Vatican’s Apostolic Visitation has yet to be announced (National Catholic Reporter 10/12/12).

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