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From the Director's Desk

Dear Friends,

Photo of Chris Schenk CSJ

I want to fill you in a bit about my decision to step down as founding director of FutureChurch effective, God willing, in September 2013.

It has long been a concern of mine to have the transition from FutureChurch’s founding director [me], to occur at a time of organizational strength and in a planned way. I have been thinking for the past 4-5 years about when to make this change, and came to clarity about it in August 2011.

I believe the time is now ripe for that transition to occur.  We have a strong national board, a great staff, our finances are stable and we are experiencing significant success in our programmatic endeavors, especially the parish appeal victories and the amazing expansion of our St. Mary of Magdala celebrations. Among the personal reasons for my desire to make this change now is that I have a book waiting in the wings that I am looking forward to completing.

The Executive Committee of the Board spent much of last year preparing a succession plan. We now have a national search committee hailing from Irvine, CA, Princeton, NJ, Manhattan, NY as well as Cleveland, OH. They hope to have interviews completed in the spring.

My love and support for the FutureChurch mission will continue. The Board and the new Executive Director will determine how I might best be of service.

Be assured that we will keep you posted as the process unfolds. Fresh leadership will bring creativity, new energy and long-term sustainability to our FutureChurch mission.  In short, we are creating a great future for FutureChurch!

If you know someone who would be an appropriate choice for this important work please encourage them to apply. Visit www.futurechurch.org to download the position description.

With great gratitude for God’s faithfulness...and yours,

Chris Schenk CSJ, Executive Director

Focus on FutureChurch

Winter 2013


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