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Organizing for Women Deacons Begins

FutureChurch is committed to expanding the ministry of women in the Catholic Church and our newest effort Women Deacons: Why Not Now? is poised to do just that.

The project helps Catholics learn the rich history of female deacons, discover why the Church should restore the female diaconate, and implement a discernment process to surface women candidates for presentation to their bishop.  Already over eighty people have downloaded or purchased the resource.

Now we are ready to do the work of this renewal in our church!   Already local organizers are educating their parishes, finding candidates, and meeting with their bishop. To reach the goal of surfacing candidates in 8-10 dioceses, we are developing a network of local organizers in the US and worldwide.

At this writing, we have 33 organizers in 6 countries. The presence of our international brothers and sisters reminds us of the universal community of our Church and the global issue of priest shortage. In May German Archbishop Robert Zollitsch argued that the Church is ready for women in the diaconate. In doing so, he echoed the sentiments of US Bishop Emil Wcela’s 2012 article in America, “Why Not Women.”

There is clearly a global call for women to be recognized for the diaconal service they are already doing in our Church: serving the poor, feeding the hungry, accompanying the sick and dying, and teaching in our parish schools of religions. In the US alone, an estimated 80  percent of over 30,000 lay ecclesial ministers are women, most of whom already have the qualifications to be ordained permanent deacons.

At FutureChurch we are working to create a new critical mass on behalf of women who wish to serve as well as those already serving in our parishes. These are women called to preach the good news of Jesus Christ who summoned both women and men to be his disciples.

Join the movement today!
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Women Deacons: Why Not Now? Resource packets available in print ($10) or as a download ($5) at futurechurch.org

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