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Over 300 St. Mary of Magdala Celebrations Planned for 2012

On July 22 we celebrate the Feast of St. Mary of Magdala, Apostle to the Apostle and First Witness to the Resurrection. From June through September over 300 celebrations will be held worldwide, including 32 international celebrations to be held in Australia, Canada, Columbia, Great Britain, India, Ireland, Mexico, and New Zealand, Uganda, and Zambia.

Our 2012 services focus on honoring St. Mary of Magdala by advocating for the restoration of women to the permanent diaconate. Restoring women to the permanent diaconate will allow them to offer the Gospel's life-giving message through the lens of female experience. A special organizing kit and 2012 prayer service, End the Silencing of Catholic Women: Restore Women Deacons are available for free download.

In light of recent Vatican scrutiny of US nuns, FutureChurch has developed a special celebration this year honoring women religious. At press time over 100 celebrations were planned celebrating the life and ministry of women religious.

Participants at all celebrations will be invited to send paper and electronic postcards to the Prefect Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, as well as their local bishops. The postcards ask Church leaders to restore the tradition of women deacons in the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church. Currently we have sent over 3,000 paper and e-postcards. Please help us double that number before personally delivering them to Vatican authorities in March, 2013.

Watch our Fall newsletter for photos and complete coverage of your wonderful celebrations!


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