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National Advisory Committee Advances Women in Church Leadership

By:  Emily Holtel Hoag

How do we help pew Catholics find their voice regarding concerns over the role of women in the church?   How do we present our concerns to church hierarchy and challenge them to an authentic vision of inclusion?  These are the questions that the new Women in Church Leadership (WICL) advisory committee seeks to answer through shaping the programming efforts of FutureChurch.

Regina Bannan, a committee member from Philadelphia says, “I am on the committee because I think FutureChurch is important in reaching Catholics, especially women in the pews, and that it is the church reform organization that takes their concerns most seriously. There is so much education to be done.”

Committee members from across the United States gather monthly by conference call to suggest creative new ideas, give feedback on current and emerging resources, suggest articles or educational works, and  to promote and strategize ways to spread the word about FutureChurch’s women’s programming.

Kate Lassiter, a PhD candidate at Vanderbilt, writes: “The WICL advisory committee offers me a chance to think critically with other intelligent females of diverse age and background about what the church can look like when the voices of women are listened to -- faithfully, coherently, and with patience.  Serving on the advisory committee reminds me of Eucharist: it offers a vision of the ‘here, but not quite yet’ kingdom of God that nourishes and sustains me for the journey ahead.”

FutureChurch is grateful for the contributions of these talented, committed women and looks forward to working with them and the many other reform minded Catholics who share our hope for women’s equality in the church.


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