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Celibacy Survey: Please Help!

In 2005 FutureChurch helped open the discussion aboutof married priests at the Synod on the Eucharist. Now priests and laity worldwide are asking to change the celibacy rule.  FutureChurch developed an online and paper survey to identify the next steps in our work to open ordination to both married and celibate priestly calls. But we need your help. If you haven’t already completed a paper survey, visit www.futurechurch.org then click on the optional celibacy survey link. Remember to donate and recruittell your friends!

Exciting Recent Developments:

  • In Brazil, a national group representing 18,000 priests approved a petition asking Pope Benedict XVI to change the celibacy law.
  • In Austria, more than 300 priests are lobbying for a married priesthood and Vienna’s Bishop Helmut Kratz calls for an end to mandatory celibacy in his new book.
  • In Germany, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, who publicly advocated easing the celibacy requirement for priests, was just elected president of the German Bishops’ Conference.
  • In Holland, the Dominican Order sent a letter to every parish in the country suggesting that, rather than lose the Mass, each parish should choose their own presiders for the Eucharist and submit the names to the bishop for ordination.
  • In Australia, over 16,000 priests and others petitioned the Bishops’ Conference to discuss a married priesthood and women’s roles in the Church.

What YOU Can Do Right Now:


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