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Catholicism Today: Evolution or Revolution?

By Joan Daly

Sr. Mary Lou accepts Trivison award on behalf of family.
Sr. Mary Lou accepts Trivison award on behalf of family.

Sr. Theresa and Bob Kloos
Sr. Theresa and Bob Kloos

Great food and fun enjoyed by all
Great food and fun enjoyed by all.

On September 30th, over 225 people gathered at the Cleveland Natural History Museum to launch FutureChurch’s 20th anniversary celebration. The evening’s keynote was given by Sister Theresa Kane, RSM, who spoke on “The Catholic Church Today: Evolution or Revolution?”  This gentle sister, appearing grandmotherly, and in a soft-spoken voice, gave us a dynamic and scholarly presentation. Her message reminded me of Peter, Paul, John, Timothy and James speaking to the original communities of Jesus.

Sr. Theresa encouraged followers of Jesus today to belong to small communities, loose knit groups of disciples living the teachings of Jesus and seeking spirituality. She spoke of gender-equality in all aspects of community and in language of God. “Think of God,” she said, “as a Creative Force and Personal Companion.”

Communities should structure their leadership so as to ensure the virtues of friendship, spirituality, peacefulness, generosity, and – again – equality of gender. They should strive to reflect these in all aspects of community life, in the manner of the early Christians who followed Jesus. She spoke of equality of gender in positions of authority whose sole purpose should be to serve the communities of Jesus and develop spirituality among all members.

After a brief time for reflection, Sister responded to comments and questions, and said “good-bye” to a standing ovation.

Sister Theresa Kane, RSM, was the president of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in 1979. This undaunted Sister of Mercy urged Pope John Paul II at the National Shrine, in Washington, D.C., to open all ministries of Church life to women. She is a full time associate professor at Mercy College, Bronx campus, New York, NY.

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