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Winter 2008

Synod Campaign Bears Rich Fruit
FutureChurch National Board Meets
In Memory of Her
Brazilian Priests Petition For Celibacy Change
New President of German Bishops Supports Optional Celibacy
Receive Communion on the Tongue and Kneeling?
Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church: Reclaiming the Spirit of Jesus (book review)
News Briefs
The Sin of Celibacy? (guest editorial)
A Look Ahead
Quotable Quote
Parishioners Nationwide Appeal Closings
Boston's Closed Parishes Costly

Fall 2007

Signs of a Sea Change?
From the Director's Desk
Questing for the Living God
You Can’t Quench the Spirit!
Women & Christianity, Volume I: The First Thousand Years (book review)

Toledo Parishioners Persevere
A Look Ahead
Quotable Quote
And now we tell their stories…
Boston Acknowledges Mistakes in 2004 Closings
Bishops Pass Financial Oversight Law
Bishops’ Meeting Highlights
Hope and Courage

Summer 2007

Vatican, Grassroots Call for Women Leaders, Ordination
Women and Word Campaign Gears Up
From the Director's Desk
Canon Law Protects Rights, Hopes of Faithful
Magdalen Organizers Celebrate Hidden Women
Mass Translations Worse than Anticipated
National Advisory Committee Advances Women in Church Leadership
Detroit Laity, Priests Help Parishes Claim Rights
News Briefs
International Petition for Women Deacons
Advancing [Prophetic] Women in Church Leadership
ParishWatch: Tracking Parish Closings
A Look Ahead
Quotable Quote


Spring 2007

Support For Married Priesthood Growing
Catholic Groups Issue Report Card on Status of Women
From the Director's Desk
Celebrate Magdala…And Other Hidden Women of the Word!
Parish Watch: Tracking Parish Closings in North America
A Voice of Their Own
Theologians Come to Sobrino's Defense
News Briefs
Catholicism at the Crossroads: How the Laity Can Save the Church book review
Rome Pilgrims Explore Sites of Women Officeholders
Right to Eucharist: Detroit Priests, Laity Take Action
A Look Ahead
Quotable Quote


Winter 2007

Women and the Word: Synod 2008 / Put Women Back in the Biblical Picture!
From the Director's Desk
Is Pope Encouraging Women Preachers, Leaders?
Bishop Trautman Critiques New Missal Translations
FutureChurch Protests Ouster of Bishop Gumbleton
FutureChurch Supports Parishoners
News Briefs
Traveling with the Turtle book review
Women's Leadership Survey
A Look Ahead
Quotable Quote

Fall 2006

Do Not Stifle the Spirit!
Vatican Discusses Married Priests
From the Director’s Desk...
16th Annual Benefit Dinner Spotlights Laity’s Role in the Church
In Memorium
"Together We Can"
Merged Parishes Lose Parishioners, Parishes with Lay Directors Gain
Vatican: Assets Belong To New Parish
DaVinci Movie Out, Magdala Still In
Vatican More Open To Women? (an editorial)
Women's Leadership Survey
The Struggle for Authority
Create a Legacy for FutureChurch
News Briefs
Freeing Celibacy book review
A Look Ahead
Quotable Quote

Summer 2006

Priest Shortage Threatens Parish Life
New Project Protects Parish Rights
Pilgrims Celebrate Women Officeholders
Priest Files May Be Open to Auditors
From the Director’s Desk...
From the Mail
Unity in Diversity:  A Workshop Experience
News Briefs
Mary Magdalene: The Struggle for Authority book review
A Look Ahead
Quotable Quote


Winter 2006

Mary of Magdala: Focus on Fact, not Fiction
A Welcoming God
Ottawa Group Issues Powerful Call to Open Ordination
Sisters of Charity Celebrate Women Witnesses
The Liberation of the Laity book review
A Look Ahead

Fall 2005

FutureChurch celebrates 15th Anniversary with Fr. Charles Curran
U.S. Bishops Meeting Round UP
Brownville Diocese Says Union Invalid
Of Celibacy, Priesthood, and the Holy Spirit (an editorial)
eucharist with a small "e" - book review
"Francis, go and repair my house, which is falling down."
Lay Ministry Guidlines Approved
Synod Places Priest Shortage at Top of Papal Agenda
Focus on FutureChurch- Newsbriefs
Vatican Bans Gay Seminarians


Summer 2005

No Priest, No Parish?

Support Grows for Expanded Priesthood

Synod Preliminaries
Fr. Jim Bacik Reminds Us What We’re All About

Women's Ordianation Conference Celebrates 30th Anniversary

FOCUS wins Two Catholic Press Association Awards
St. Mary of Magdala Celebrations Inspire, Empower
Bishops’ Meeting Round Up




Spring 2005

Eucharist Synod Could Be Defining Moment for Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI: Signs of Contradiction?

FutureChurch Director to Receive Margaret Ellen Traxler Award
Celebrating the Life of Pope John Paul II

The Papal “No.”

CNN Features Mosaics and Frescos of Early Women Officeholders
No More Passive Catholics



Winter 2005

Corpus Christi Campaign Looks to Eucharist Synod

Culture of Conversation Hosts National Gathering

God Provides (an Editorial)
Reform of Church "Inevitable"

Women Deacons:Why Now?

Celebrating Women Witnesses Sedona
Who Owns the Parish?
Faith that Dares to Speak



Fall 2004

Corpus Christi Campaign Invites Lay Input to Eucharist Synod

Magdala Celebrations Inspire, Delight

Mass Translations Delayed
Bishops Tighten Control
Scandal Closes Austrian Seminary
Portland Archdiocese Bankrupt
Feminism Letter Invites "Dialogue"
Old Testament Story, an Introduction with CD-ROM


Summer 2004

Whither Women of the Church?

Optional Celibacy Discussion Expands

FutureChurch Wants Discussion on Church Premises
Women Witness Resource for Younger Catholics
More Cardinals Call for Change
Lay Review Board Calls for Accountability
Bishop Works to Transform Hierarchy
Truly Our Sister: A Theology of Mary in the Communion of Saints



Winter 2003

Catholic Governance Must Change

First Women Named to Internat'l Theological Commission

Priest Surveys: Discuss Optional Celibacy
Women Church Leaders: Prisca to the Present
Cardinals Call for Decentralization, New Council
Gibson's Feminine Satan


Fall 2003

Optional Celibacy Campaign Takes Off

Only Catholic Church has Clergy Shortage

Justice for Pastoral Ministers
Book Review: The Coming Catholic Church
Changing Face of the Priesthood
Healing Gender Issues
Over 600 Explore Roots, Wings


Summer 2003

Women Deacons: Why Are They Hiding the History?

Corpus Christi Addresses the Priest Shortage

Pastoral Staff To Keep Jobs: Holy Spirit Case May Set Precedent
Book Review: Drawing from Wisdom’s Well: Stories, Celebrations, and Explorations of Courageous Women of Faith

Spring 2003

Canon Law and Lay Decision Making

Eucharist Encyclical Misses Mark

Scandal Fallout Persists
Women Witnesses Program Draws 150
Book Review: Goodbye Father – The Celibate Male Priesthood and the Future of the Catholic Church
FutureChurch Targeted

Winter 2003

Priest Crisis, Shortage Deepen While Rome Fiddles

Women (and Men) in the Diaconate?

The Sacraments are for Men and Women
Liturgy of Lament Spreads Beyond Cleveland
Sarah's Story


Fall 2002

International Conference Calls for New Church Council

Healing Gender Issues in the Church

Sacred Silence:Denial and the Crisis in the Church


Summer 2002

To be Credible, Bishops Must Give Lay Review Boards Real Authority

FutureChurch Joins Call for "Catholic Culture of Conversation"

Parishes in Texas Sign Union Contracts
Lift Ban on Discussing Women's Ordination
Corpus Christi Celebrations Promote Reflection, Healing and Education
On the Road


Spring 2002

Syracuse Bishop Moynihan Responds to Priest Shortage by “Equipping the Saints for the Work of Ministry”
The Unhealed Wound:The Church and Human Sexuality
Women’s Witness, Leadership Flourish
A Proposal for Structural Reform of the Church
Vatican Comments on Gay Priests: “Narrow, Misguided”
USCCB expresses profound sorrow
In Memoriam

Winter 2002

Bishops debate their role
Women deacons still possible
Book review–Written that you may believe
Community calls woman to priesthood
Bishops Meet, Struggle with Liturgiam Authenticam
Grand Island plans for fewer priests

Fall 2001

Campaign launched to address priesthood crisis
Out of the Depths
Bishops' synod
St. Mary of Magdala celebrations
Contact the Cardinals

Summer 2001

Spirit Leads Consistory... Bishops' Synod Next
Women (and Men) Witnessing, Taking Leadership: WICL Anchors' Meeting

Spring 2001

"Contact the Cardinals and cc: Your Bishops Over Worldwide Priest Shortage," says FutureChurch Campaign

Winter 2001

Faith on Tap
Celebrating Women Witnesses: WOW!
FutureChurch Covers Bishops' Meeting
WICL Anchors meeting

Fall 2000

FutureChurch celebrates 10th Anniversary

Summer 2000

FutureChurch organizes Forum on Church Justice
"Madeleva Manifesto" and WICL Anchors

Spring 2000

A Mission Worth Pursuing