Justice in the Church
Just Treatment for Church Ministers
How Teachers at Catholic Schools Built Their Unions Against All Odds by Christian Clifford

The educational system in the Catholic Church has been firmly in place for hundreds of years and the story of people challenging that system dates at least from the 12th century founding of the universities of Bologna and Salerno. But our brief history begins closer to the present day with what Nick Bridger, former president of the San Francisco Archdiocesan Federation of Teachers, affectionately referred to in a letter to California Teacher as “our brave little Catholic school union.” The struggle to be recognized as dedicated professionals sharing financial parity with their public school counterparts began in times of great change, shortly after the Second Vatican Council ended and the Civil Rights Act had become U.S. law. For many teachers, motivation stemmed from the Catholic Church’s teaching on the dignity and rights of the worker coupled with the drive to make their schools better.