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Just Treatment for Church Ministers
Email Pastoral Ministers

Email Pastoral Ministers

Ms. Ann Cass and Sr. Judy Molosky have both kindly agreed to share their wisdom with Catholic lay ministers who believe they have been unjustly treated.

You can email Ann at AnnWCass@aol.com

You can email Judy at judymolosk@juno.com

Photograph of Ms. Cass and Sr. Molosky
Ann Cass (left) and Judy Molosky csj speak at Women in Church Leadership "anchors" reception at Call to Action.

Justice for Pastoral Ministers

Pastoral ministers Ms. Ann Cass and Sr. Judy Molosky share inspiring stories of the positive action they took after being unjustly fired at a special reception for "anchors" of the FutureChurch/CTA Women in Church Leadership project. Cass, and four other parish workers were fired by a new pastor in what was later judged to be attempted union busting on the part of the Brownsville, Texas diocese. The parish and the United Farm Workers’ Union rapidly mobilized and won reinstatement, back pay and landmark protections including grievance procedures and the provision that no new pastor could fire a parish worker within 90 days of assuming duties.

In Los Angeles, Pastoral Associate, Judy Molosky,CSJ, kept her 2300-family parish together for a year after the original pastor was removed because he engaged in "sexual misconduct with women." A new pastor was appointed in July, 2003 who refused to renew Molosky’s contract saying the parish “couldn’t afford her.” Molosky’s CSJ community and parishioners stood behind her. They wrote letters of protest to Cardinal Mahony and took her story public with an article in the the Los Angeles Times. The result? The offending pastor was sent away to study and new Archdiocesan policies were established to avoid a repeat of this kind of abuse of authority. Sr. Judy currently works as the community relations coordinator at St. Joseph Center in Venice, CA.