FutureChurch 2021 Fall Event

Politics and the Pulpit: The Intersection of Faith and Public Life

FutureChurch's 31st Annual Fall Event will once again be virtual (Zoom), enabling our entire community to come together! Join us for two remarkable evenings -- October 14th and October 21st at 7pm Eastern Time -- as charismatic activists and scholars help us explore the intersection of faith and public life.  


Thursday, October 14th at 7pm: Keynote Presentation 

Massimo Faggioli, PhD is a leading authority on the history and administrative inner workings of the Catholic Church with specific expertise in the papacy, Vatican II, the Roman Curia, liturgical reform, new Catholic movements and on Catholicism and global politics. He is Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Villanova University (Philadelphia) and a much published author and commentator.   

Professor Faggioli is one of the foremost scholars on the intersection of American Catholicism and the state of democracy in the United States.  He examines and charts both the impact and potential threats to democratic ideals as our increasingly "unique" brand of American Catholicism, embraced by a majority of U.S. Bishops and funded by weathly conservative donors, is wedded to a democracy increasing invested in free wheeling capitalism that eschews social safety networks. 

Washington and the Vatican established full diplomatic relations only in 1984.  Thus, Joe Biden will be the first Catholic president to appoint an ambassador to the Holy See. As Professor Faggioli points out, back in the Reagan years, the selection symbolized not only the anti-Communist alliance between Pope John Paul II and the president, but also the full embrace of democracy by the Catholic Church, a process that had begun between World War II and the Second Vatican Council. Since then, however, something has changed: the relationship between American Catholicism and democracy.  Join us for this important presentation and share your questions and thoughts.  

Thursday, October 21st at 7pm: Presentation of the Louis J. Trivison and Christine Schenk Awards 


FutureChurch will present Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ,  with the 2021 Louis J. Trivison in recognition her prophetic work and ministry against the death penalty which has led to significant change in Church teaching. Over the decades, Sister Helen has made personal approaches to two popes: John Paul II and Pope Francis, urging them to establish the Catholic Church’s position as unequivocally opposed to capital punishment under any circumstances. After Sister Helen’s urging, under John Paul II, the catechism was revised to strengthen the church’s opposition to executions, although it allowed for a very few exceptions. Not long after meeting with Sister Helen in August of 2018, Pope Francis announced new language of the Catholic Catechism which declares that the death penalty is inadmissible because it is an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person, with no exceptions. Sr. Helen will offer remarks following the presentation of the award. 

FutureChurch will present Chloe Becker with the 2021 Christine Schenk Award for Young Catholic Leaders in recognition of her commitment to creating art that lifts up the lives of underrepresented saints and Catholics of color and calls on all Catholics to engage in the work of racial justice. Chloe Becker is a recent graduate of Magnificat High School in Rocky River, Ohio and a member of the Harvard University Class of 2025. Currently taking a "gap year," Chloe has created all of the art for FutureChurch's Women Witnesses for Racial Justice series.  Chloe will offer remarks following the presentation of the award. 



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