Future of Priestly Ministry
The Future of Priestly Ministry Dialogue and Resource Packet

The Future of Priestly Ministry
Dialogue and Resource Packet

We believe we must claim our adult baptismal responsibility for our Church. Part of being an adult means being able to talk about our differences and to take appropriate responsibility for shaping our shared future.

Dialogue participants receive a packet of educational and organizing materials, which are designed to educate and empower fellow parishioners to take ownership for shaping the future of Catholic worship rather than allowing a priestless future to shape us.


Packet Contents

Section Index
Priesthood/Priest Shortage Statistics
Married Priesthood
Women in the Church
Rights of Catholics/Sensus Fidelium
Organizing Materials
Prayer Resources
"Eucharist: Understanding Christ's Body" Msgr. William Shannon
"Sunday Worship in the Absence of a Priest: Some Disquieting Reflections" Kathleen Hughes R.S.C.J.
"Why We Can't Accept Communion Services" Fr. William Marrevee SCJ
Catholic Teaching on the Eucharist Catechism of the Catholic Church
Church of the Resurrection's Resolution the Eucharist Church of the Resurrection of our Lord
Priesthood/Priest Shortage Statistics 
"Where Goes the Priesthood: An Interview with Fr. Donald Cozzens" Reprinted from U.S. Catholic
The Impact of Fewer Priests on the Pastoral Ministry U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
The Priest Shortage at a Glance From Full Pews, Empty Altars, Richard Schoenherr and Lawrence Young
Recent facts and public statements about the priest shortage by Bishops and other Church leaders from Focus on FutureChurch
Married Priesthood 
A History of Celibacy in the Church CORPUS, Canada
A Married Priesthood? Jane Lampman, Christian Science Monitor
"Vocations Abound But Not to the Church's Liking" Regina Brett, Cleveland Plain Dealer
"Married Priests Win New Support" Tom Heinen, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Top Ten Reasons for a Married Priesthood
Women in the Church 
Benchmarks for Church Leadership Roles for Women Leadership Conference of Women Religious
"An Infallibility Reader" Call to Action Spirituality/Justice reprint
"Infallibility and Equality in Catholicism" Christine Schenk csj (added to above)
"Future of the Church May be in the Past" Regina Brett, Cleveland Plain Dealer
Jesus and Women Christine Schenk csj
Questions and Answers about Women's Ordination RAPPORT, Women's Ordination Conference
Women Ministers in the Catholic Church (an overview) Christine Schenk csj
"Women Deacons: Why are they Hiding the History?" Dr. Phyllis Zagano presentation
Focus on FutureChurch
Rights of Catholics/Sensus Fidelium 
Canon Law and Lay Decision Making: Accountability, Governance, Use of Church Premises" Fr. James A Coriden Workshop from Focus on FutureChurch
"Charter on the Rights of Catholics in the Church Excerpts from Canon Law" Association of the Rights of Catholics in the Church
Sensus Fidelium: The Sense of the Faithful Ms. Lori Ashyk
Sensus Fidelium (in Canon Law and Church Teaching) Dr. Joan Nuth and Fr. Louis Trivison
Organizing Materials 
Sample op-ed article and media releases on the priest shortage in in your diocese
Tips for Local Dialogue Organizers
Suggested Outline for Parish Education Programs
The Basics of Media Relations
Be Opened! An Invitation to a Culture of Conversation
Prayer Resources 
Parish Celebration of the Feast of Corpus Christi
Information about FutureChurch
Information about other education and dialogue packets available

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