Future of Priestly Ministry
Future of Priestly Ministry

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Fewer priests, fewer parishes...what can we do?

In the US there are 39,600 priests serving 67 million Catholics and worldwide there are only 412,236 priests to serve nearly two billion Catholics (CARA). In 1970 there were 419,728 priests to serve 653.5 million Catholics.   And the situation is getting worse. Actuarial studies in several American dioceses reveal a desperate situation within 25 years. For example, a diocese with 235 parishes and nearly a million Catholics now will have less than 80 active priests in 25 years, assuming 4 ordinations per year, which is above the average for recent years.

Not only do we need and grow spiritually from participating fully in the mass, we, as Catholics, are assured by Canon law (c. 213) that we have a right to Eucharist.  The priest shortage is reshaping Catholic life NOW – many parishes have been merged or closed. Many others have only remained open due to the hard work of lay pastoral ministers yet, they are limited to communion services because there is no priest to say mass.  And still others have left because they are discouraged by the exclusionary practices of the Church when it comes to ordination.

There are many things that we, as committed Catholics, can do right now:

Learn about the problem:

Read and study the materials on our website and order our resources

​ Discover the magnitude of the priest shortage in your diocese by clicking on Priest Shortage USA 1976-2013 at www.futurechurch.org for Official Catholic Directory statistics

Educate your community about the problems:

Start an education, prayer and study group in your parish or small faith community about the priest shortage and its effect on our sacramental life.

Join other churches around the country in organizing a special observation of the Feast of Corpus Christi, sharing a meal and praying together

The Future of Priestly Ministry dialogue packet contains everything you need to begin this important conversation in your parish or small faith community. Please pay special to the Tips for Local Dialogue Organizers sheet. It gives valuable help for how to begin (and continue!) the conversation in your diocese.

We are God’s people, a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, living stones (1 Peter). We are the church. We are charged by Scripture and by baptism with responsibility for our church. This is the vision that guides the members of FutureChurch.

As in any family, we need to talk about our differences, our needs, our hopes and our dreams.  We hope that the materials in this packet will lead us, and our Bishops, into a new spirit of listening both to the signs of the our times and to the voice of “Divine Providence (who) is leading us to a new order of human relations…” (Pope John XXIII).  We are so glad that you have decided to take your part, given by your baptism, in helping to share the future of our church.

Free Downloadable Resources for Continuing Dialogue