About FutureChurch
Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with a certain parish?
No. However, FutureChurch's mission, vision activities and resources are rooted in parish and community life.  We are Roman Catholics who respect the Catholic tradition and are working respectfully to effect change in the Church because we love it and want to make it better.  Our membership is made of lay persons, women religious and priests. We were founded in parishes and many of our members consider the parish their primary place of worship. Many of our FC projects are implemented by parishes or parish groups. (See our mission statement).

FutureChurch advocates for opening ordination to all the baptized. Didn't Jesus ordain only men?
In fact, Jesus did not ordain anyone. Ordination was a practice that started to occur decades later in church history. Jesus had both male and female disciples (see "Jesus and Women" link).

What is the priest shortage all about?
In short, there are too few priests to minister to the growing number of Catholics around the world, and to accommodate growing pastoral needs (what is provided by parishes today is much more than in past generations). As a result, some parishes have had to drastically reduce the number of times Mass or the other sacraments can be offered.  Many parishes are being closed or merged. Eventually, all Catholics will be affected by this.

FutureChurch Mission and Vision