Help Catholic students learn about St. Mary Magdalene as the "Apostle to the Apostles" Through Art

Help Catholic students learn about St. Mary Magdalene as "Apostle to the Apostles" Through Art!

Imagine a Catholic Church where the name of Mary Magdalene immediately evokes images -- not of a repentant prostitute -- but of the first witness to the Resurrection, joyfully announcing the Good News to the Apostles and friends of Jesus. Imagine Catholic students of all ages taking in that art and understanding that women were integral to the founding of our church.  Imagine that you helped create that change!

Please join in our campaign to send the art of St. Mary Magdalene as Apostle to the Apostle to 5000 Catholic schools, universities and seminaries.  

Here is how the campaign will work.

1.  We will send a preliminary Letter of Support to each school, university, and seminary signed by Catholic scholars and bishops urging them to display the coming art of St. Mary Magdalene as the "Apostle of the Apostles," a 2016 decree under Pope Francis.

2.  We will then send the art poster to the same 5000 Catholic schools, universities and seminaries with the same support letter, the 2016 Vatican decree, and instructions for displaying the art.

3.  Finally, we will send a short survey asking each institution how they displayed the art and what effect it has had on their students.

A small group of donors has already contributed enough to help send posters to 350 Catholic schools.  Please help us make our final goal of 5000 Catholic schools by contributing what you can.  You can help overturn the all-too-prevalant image of Mary Magdalene as a repentant sinner in the minds of Catholic students and recover her true image as Apostle of the Apostle, chosen by Jesus Christ as the first to proclaim the Good News of his Resurrection.  In doing so, you will help younger Catholics and those in seminary formation to re-imagine Mary Magdalene and the roles women should take up today in the Catholic Church.

We can reach 5000 Catholic schools, universities and seminaries with your help!

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