Enacting Vatican II

FutureChurch Four Week Series 
Fertile Ground:  Vatican II, the Synod, and the Future of the Church

with Sr. Maureen Sullivan, OP

Four Wednesdays in February 2022
February 2, February 9, February 16, February 23 at 7pm EST 


Sr. Maureen Sullivan, OP joins us again for another engaging four-week series exploring Vatican II documents as the foundation for the 2023 Synod.  Without doubt, the upcoming Synod is the most important gathering in the recent history of the church and the most promising since the1962 -1965 Second Vatican Council.  

Vatican II produced a charter for the Church to move from the rigid, hierarchical model espoused by Pius IX at Vatican I (1869-70) to the collegial, "communio" model that emerged under John XXIII. Pope Francis has invested enormous energy in moving the church back on course with his emphasis on Vatican II.  The 2023 Synod is the culmination of his efforts offering the promise of an authentically synodal church where laity, women, and men, both lay and ordained, led by the Spirit, guide and shape the direction of the church. 

Participants will explore a number of Vatican II documents indepth and come to understand how Vatican II serves as the foundation for the upcoming Synod on Communion, Participation, and Mission.

As we get more familiar with the documents of Vatican II and engage in the synod process, we make the Second Vatican Council a greater reality today. 

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