Enacting Vatican II

FutureChurch Pentecost Series!
Enacting the Second Vatican Council: History, Documents, and Implications for the Church Today!

Four-week series held on Wednesday evenings 
Begins Wednesday, May 26, 2021 thru June 16, 2021 at 7:00pm ET

Sr. Maureen Sullivan, OP heads up this four part series on the Second Vatican Council - a decisive moment in the history of the Catholic Church.

Vatican II produced a charter for the Church to move from the rigid, hierarchical model espoused by Pius IX at Vatican I (1869-70) to the collegial, "communio" model that emerged under John XXIII at Vatican II (1962-65).  In the four brief sessions that took place from 1962-65, over 2,500 bishops--who often disagreed on the most critical issues-- produced sixteen documents that touched the very essence of the Catholic faith.

Participants will learn about the contributions of important theologians whose efforts over the years laid the groundwork for the Council and a renewed vision of the faith; about what is in the documents themselves; and, how we can make Vatican II a greater reality today. 

Session One - General introduction

Session Two  - Gaudium et Spes

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Session Three - Laity

Session Four 


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