About FutureChurch
About Us

FutureChurch seeks changes that will provide all Roman Catholics the opportunity to participate fully in Church life and leadership.

FutureChurch works for:

      * Just, open and collaborative structures for Catholic worship, organization and governance.
     * A return to the Church’s early tradition of both married and celibate priests.
     * A return to the Church’s earliest   tradition, modeled on the inclusive practice of Jesus, of recognizing      both female and male leaders of faith communities.
     * Regular access to the Eucharist, the center of Catholic life and worship, for all Catholics.

Future Church's activities grow from a spirituality based on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Eucharist, the Spirit-filled beliefs of the faithful, and the teachings of Vatican II.

Our work falls under four basic initiatives.

Advancing Women in Church Leadership

We promoted women's leadership by providing practical resources for women and men who wish to implement the far-reaching recommendations of the 1996 Benchmarks projects published by the Leadership Council of Women Religious this resource educates about the inclusive practice of Jesus and St. Paul and advocates for increased leadership roles for women in the Church right now..The project packet Contains articles written by experts about women in the Bible and lectionary and feminist theology, as well as organizing tips and prayer and faith sharing resources. Also includes expanded materials about lay ecclesial ministers (80% of whom are women), parish life coordinators, lay preaching and women officeholders in the early church.

Scores of Women in Church Leadership "anchors" have organized dialogues in various parts of the country as a result of this project. They have continued to keep the conversation about the roles of women in the church on the front burner, even as talk about the ordination of women has been officially hushed by the Vatican.

The Future of Priestly Ministry

We explore the future of our Catholic sacramental life if nothing is done about the priest shortage. Our intention is to urge Catholics to start talking about what the priest shortage means to them and their parishes. We particularly encourage the formation of dialogue groups in parishes and small faith communities. Materials address the scope of the priest shortage, trends in ecclesial ministry, and related issues, such as the history of celibacy in the Church, and communion services and worship in the absence of a priest. We also provide materials on organizing, media relations and prayer services. Our "Parish Celebration of the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ," calls for reflection on the true meaning of the Eucharist and prayers to commemorate our Eucharistic identity. The Corpus Christi service can be ordered separately or with our FOPM packet.

Save Our Parish Community

Proactive strategies and best practices for keeping vibrant parishes open in a time of fewer priests. Includes resources from canon law for resisting unjust closure; experiences of parish closings; a sample parish constitution; prayers to use for parish vigils and parish closings; and organizing and media tools. Also contains a crisis kit for parishes unexpectedly faced with closing or merging. (Crisis kit also available for free download)

Justice in the Church

FutureChurch promotes the rights and responsibilities of all the baptized in the Roman Catholic Church. We work for just treatment for all church workers, educators, theologians, ministers and all those who dedicate so much of their lives to making the Gospel a reality in our world. 

Find the resources you need to support the Just Treatment of Church Ministers, those who speak out in conscience using our Million Voices resources, or support coalition efforts like NunJustice to Support US Nuns.