2021 Feast of Saint Mary of Magdala

Mary of Magdala and Many Others: A Celebration of Catholic Women

In every generation women have and continue to faithfully and generously respond to the call to serve God and God’s holy people - offering their gifts to the mission and ministry of the Church. Often, sharing from their own resources, receiving neither recognition nor remuneration, they are quietly making “church” happen. Sometimes they are simply taken for granted. But all too often, the dangerous memory of their ministry, leadership, and witness is covered up, hidden, diminished.

This Feast of Saint Mary of Magdala, we want to let their light shine! We will celebrate and give thanks for the women from our history, from our own families communities, and from around the world. We will tell their stories and name their contributions as we seek a Church that is truly enlightened and alive with the God-given gifts of each member.

Three ways to celebrate with FutureChurch!

1. Host Your Own Celebration

As COVID-19 vaccinations increase and restrictions decrease, we invite you to host your own celebration if you are able to do so. FutureChurch has an extensive library of resources to help - including this year's celebration guide, which provides everything you need - prayers, scripture readings, vignettes, and music suggestions - to celebrate Catholic women. We've included two sets of vignettes/readings for you to choose from, combine, or adapt: Women Witnesses for Racial Justice and Contemporary Women from Around the Globe. 



2. Join FutureChurch's July 20th Virtual Art Tour with Dr. Christine Axen

Back by popular demand, Dr. Christine axen will join us once again to follow up on last year's first-ever virtual art tour. Dr. Axen will explore the steady "erasure" of Mary of Magdala and the other women from depictions of the Crucifixion. Dr. Christine Axen is a medievalist with a specialization in French religious history and female religiosity in the Middle Ages.  She received her doctorate from Boston University, and currently teaches at Fordham University in New York.



2. Join FutureChurch's July 22nd Virtual Liturgy with guest preacher, Kayla August

Led by women of FutureChurch with music from Russ Petrus, our virtual liturgy will celebrate Mary of Magdala and other women who make "church" happen. Participants will have the opportunity to name and claim the women in their own lives who have been and are an inspiration to them. Kayla August, a rising star in the Catholic Church, will bless us with her gift of dynamic and charismatic preaching! Kayla August, originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, has just begun her doctorate work in Theology and Education with an emphasis in preaching at Boston College after serving the University of Notre Dame in several capacities - most recently as rector of the all-women's dorm Lyon's Hall.