2019 Ad Limina Visits Actions on Women Deacons and Married Priests

Photo by CNSAdvocate for Women Deacons and Married Priests as our U.S. Bishops have their visit with Pope Francis. 

Starting on November 7, 2019, Pope Francis will be meeting with U.S. Bishops to talk about the most pressing issues facing the church.  As  the Ad Limina visits approach, consider writing your bishop and also writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to make visibile the need for women deacons and married priests.  Encourage them to become informed and take action for the future of the Church. 

(Photo Credit: CNS)

In this resource you will find:

1.  Sample letters advocating for women deacons

2.  Sample letter advocating for married priests

3.  A full schedule of the dates of the Ad Limina visits so you can time your letters to the editor to coincide with their visits.

Thank you for doing your part to make our church a more loving, just, and effective institution where the gifts of all the faithful are utilized fully for the work of the Gospel.

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